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About Jason Nissen

Executive, Entrepreneur

Jason Nissen, executive, live music & events

Jason Nissen is a global ticket brokerage and hospitality executive. He has been CEO for several enterprises including National Events Company, World Events Group and the Minus Zero Music Festival. An entrepreneur well-attuned to consumer trends in entertainment, Nissen has gained a reputation as an industry trailblazer able to effectively execute bold ideas.

Nissen’s work has seen him sell tickets and orchestrate hospitality packages for some of the largest events in the world including the Super Bowl, the Final Four, all four major tennis tournaments, the World Cup, the Olympics, the Kentucky Derby, The Masters, Coachella, and Hamilton on Broadway, among various others.


A native of Brooklyn, New York, Nissen attended South Shore High School, one of the largest public high schools in the country at the time. From an early age he proved to be an energetic and driven individual, constantly seeking engagement across a wide array of disciplines. In sports, he was a wide receiver for his school’s football team, winning the Scholar Athlete Award for NYC distributed by the Heisman Trophy Association and being named an All-Brooklyn honoree during his time in the position. Academically, he showed a prowess for mathematics, winning the NYC Science Fair and attending the International Science Fair for his math project “Multi-Dimensional Spiral Sequences.”


Nissen went to Hamilton College in upstate New York after graduating high school, where he majored in mathematics and minored in economics. Continuing to pursue his love of football, he captained the private liberal arts college’s football team and in his senior year set the record for receptions at the time and also held the position of social chair for the school’s Delta Upsilon fraternity chapter. He graduated from the university with his bachelor of science degree in 1994.


Spending more than a decade with the ticket brokerage firm National Events Company, as CEO Nissen was instrumental in the organization becoming one of the premier providers of sporting, concert and theater tickets worldwide. As head of the business, Nissen led a team that negotiated and purchased approximately 160,000 tickets per year, and his work at the company saw it grow into an international operation, generating annual revenues upwards of $80 million. Clients include everyone from individuals on the internet to Fortune 500 companies and some of the top global concierges.


Nissen has also held the CEO position for World Events Group, an international hospitality company focused on connecting brands and people through the power of events. Working with professional sports teams and organizations in the United States and abroad, he and his team would engage in corporate partnership deals executing hospitality events surrounding their team’s games for their fans and other corporate partners. A highly exclusive and boutique service, Nissen facilitated the development of fan travel programs, working with NFL teams to create door-to-door services revolving around away games and even the Super Bowl.


In addition to his work in hospitality and ticket sales, Nissen is also the co-founder and CEO of the original Minus Zero Musical Festival, a first-of-its-kind event that combined concerts featuring some of the biggest EDM DJs in the industry with X Games-related skiing and snowboarding events. Running the festival’s first and second years in 2016 and 2017, Nissen developed and oversaw the online system for marketing and ticket sales, as well as its official merchandise. He also managed the safe construction of the entertainment space for the performers and attendees.


Nissen is currently serving as an officer for The Ultimate Fan. He is also working to reboot the Minus Zero Music Festival in 2024 under a new name.


Nissen resides in Roslyn Heights, New York on Long Island, and is happily married with three daughters.

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